Bhaluni Dham Mandir is located in the indian state of Bihar at Natwar, Dinara. Bhaluni Dham is also known as Yakshini Dham. There is a famous Temple of Goddess Durga, “Yakshini Bhawani”. The temple of Yakshini Bhawani is situated near a lake.
The design and architecture of temple descript it as 6th Century. In local language Yakshini Devi is known as Jakhini Maai. On every Chitra Nauratra a fair is organized here. Here is also an ancient temple of God “Shirac “Bhankhandi Mahadevan” and situated 7 kms east of Dinara Block in Bikramganj Sub Division. Large Number Devotees assembled to workship the Goddess for Benediction. Bhaluni is Village with community of Prists supported by other communities with excellent love affection between all the communities. The Near by Villages Kharika and Badiha is said to be cousin brother of People of Bhaluni people separated during ancestral times.
Bhaluni Dham