Tutula Bhawani (also Tutrahi or Titula Dham) is located nearby Tilauthu and approximately 20 Km south west from Dehri-on-Sone. This is the most beautiful place of Rohtas. From north-west and south-east, these are two large mountains.

The two large mountains one from north west and another from south east at converge to create a green valley which stretches to 1 mile , there’s a spring fall in the middle and from the middle of the valley a kachuar river flows. All this creates a fascinating scene from east this valley stretches 300 M wick wharves from west it shrinks to only 50M from west a spring fall is created which falls from a height of 200 M.

Inside the spring on the right side of it slightly lights here’s a chabutara. From, the light here’s a  way to go there, from this chabutara on, the south of it, here’s big lock which is divided into three pouts, there’s a sock edict of nayak pratap dhawal  which was depicted on 1158AD.

Now, a days a small temple of Tutla Bhawani has been made, people from different places visit here.